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Barichara and San Gil – Walk to Guane

Do one of the best short hikes in Colombia: The Walk to Guane. Enjoy gorgeous mountainous landscapes and abundant nature along the way.


The hike to Guane is one of the best short hikes of Colombia and you don’t need a guide to do it.


It takes you from Barichara to the sleepy town of Guane over ancient paths surrounded by plenty of nature and amazing views.


This hike is almost entirely downwards, and it takes around 3 hours to get to Guane. Along the way, you will enjoy gorgeous views over the valley and the surrounding green mountains.


There are plenty of birds to be spotted in the area too, so don’t forget to bring your camera and keep your eyes opened.


Once you arrive in the sleepy village of Guane, you can have some drinks and snacks in one of the main square’s shops.


Don’t forget to visit the main church of the town and witness how the local resources where used to build a traditional catholic church.


If you travel with Lulo Colombia to Barichara, you will have a car and a driver at your disposal. Therefore, you can easily coordinate with your driver to pick you up in Guane once you have finished the hike so he can take you back to Barichara.


What: Walk to Guane

Where: Surroundings of Barichara

Duration: Around 3 hours

What´s included in this Walk to Guane:


1. If you are taking a multi-day trip with Lulo Colombia Travel, then you will have a driver and a car to take you back to Barichara.

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