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Ultimate climate guide for Americans traveling to Colombia

Colombia is an ideal destination all year round because of its lack of seasons. The country offers a climate for every taste, plus plenty of attractions. Keep reading to find out what Americans traveling to Colombia need to know.

1. The basics of Colombia’s climate 


Colombia is located just above the equator, so it does not have seasons like Americans know them. Even though it is considered a tropical country, not every region is perpetually hot.


Due to its topography, Colombia exhibits a great diversity when it comes to climate. As a general rule of thumb, the closer to sea level in altitude, the hotter the place will be. Nearly 80% of the country is warm, with about 75 °F in places between 0 and 600 miles above sea level. The meter hits over 86 °F only in desert and rainforest areas.

Americans traveling to Colombia

Locations between an altitude of 600 and 1200 miles above sea level are usually in the 62-75 °F range. A cooler 53 to 62 °F climate is typical in zones sitting above 1200 miles and as high as 1800 miles above sea level.


Temperatures on mountain tops situated higher can get as low as 42 °F. Finally, most places above 2400 miles of altitude are generally below 40 °F all year round.

2. Rain and humidity in Colombia


Americans traveling to Colombia are better off knowing about the local tendencies of rain and humidity.


Firstly, there are rainy and dry seasons, which can vary throughout the country. Some regions have as little as 50 rainy days a year, while others have between 150 and 200, maybe even more.


Much of this variation is caused by El Niño – La Niña. This cyclic climatological phenomenon affects mainly the tropical area of the Pacific Ocean. In Colombia, it decreases or increases rain levels, among other effects.

Americans traveling to Colombia

Secondly, Americans traveling to Colombia should know that this country is highly humid, as it is in a tropical zone of the globe. Some regions show a steady average throughout the year. In contrast, others exhibit variations as the months go by, but none radical.

3. Know what to expect in Colombia’s top destinations


By having an idea of the temperatures, and rainfall and humidity levels in Colombia’s top touristic spots, you should be able to figure out the best time to visit Colombia according to your interests.


It is wise for Americans traveling to Colombia to know the conditions of the places they want to visit. Check out more useful tips to prepare for your trip to Colombia here.

  • Bogotá: The average temperature in Colombia’s capital city falls between 53 and 59 °F. It is warmest from December to March and coldest from June to August. January, February, July, and August are its driest months. Rain levels increase the most during April, May, October, and November. The average humidity ranges from 73% to 86%.


  • The Coffee Triangle: The land of coffee farms and oil palm trees has a 71 °F average temperature. January, February, July, and August are its driest months. The periods between April and June, and September and December are the rainiest. This touristic area is generally 76 to 81% humid.


  • Medellín: The weather in this popular destination behaves very similarly to that of the Coffee Triangle. Humidity levels are lower, ranging between 63 and 73%.


  • Atlantic coast: Colombia’s northern area offers many places to visit, from historic, colonial cities to national natural parks. It is driest from December to April and rainiest during May, June, September, and October. It is 75 to 85% humid all year round.


  • Pacific coast: This region, known for natural sites and whale watching, is both very rainy and humid throughout the year. It rains a total of 200 to 250 days annually, and it is over 85% humid. The general average temperature is 81 °F.

4. Packing essentials for Americans traveling to Colombia


Now that you are a bit more familiar with Colombia’s climate, it is packing time! For most warm areas, you will need summery clothing.


Remember to bring a pair of lightweight pants and a long-sleeved shirt if you plan to explore rainforest areas. They will keep bugs at bay. Do not forget swimwear if visiting either of our coasts.


A good Colombia packing list for Americans traveling to Colombia includes a warm jacket for colder destinations. Scarfs and umbrellas may also come in handy.

Americans traveling to Colombia



No matter the month of the year, Colombia as something to offer for everyone. Whether you are into hot, tropical beach destinations, or cooler, mountain towns, we have you covered. Wait no more, come visit!


With this information, you will be armed to be a more informed traveler and therefore enjoy even more your upcoming trip to this marvelous country.


If you need help or guidance with the planning process of your trip to Colombia, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of travel experts looking forward to help you have the best holiday of your life.

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