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3 Best Travel Destinations for City Lovers

Colombia is a country that offers a wide range of attractions to every type of traveller. In this post I am going tell you which are the best cities to visit in Colombia.


For most travellers, Colombia is a very appealing destination because it offers a great variety of scenes, attractions, cultures and landscapes. What gives Colombia its full potential to attract foreign tourists, is fact that in just one trip you get to discover a mix of cities, jungle, mountains, deserts, islands, towns, archaeology, beaches and more.


However, there are plenty of travellers who would prefer not to have a trip with too many destinations and transportation times. Travellers who enjoy choosing just a couple of destinations and get to know them really well.


There are also some travellers who are not attracted by the concept of spending time at the beach or discovering remote jungle areas. These travellers are usually more interested in the cultural aspects of a country and enjoy witnessing how locals live and interact in day-to-day activities such as markets.


These are also the type of travellers who love visiting museums, learning about the history of each destination and exploring local restaurants.


These are the travellers who we call City Lovers. If you consider yourself to be a City Lover, even if just partly, then this post is ideal for you. It will solve your question of where to go in Colombia as it describes the best cities to visit in Colombia that you must include in your itinerary, and what are the main activities to do in each of them.


The following are the top 3 of the best cities to visit in Colombia:


Bogota is the capital city of Colombia and also its largest one. It is a huge metropolis of more than 9 million inhabitants located in a valley surrounded by gorgeous green mountains. It seats at an altitude of 2.600 meters above sea level and offers a pleasant weather of around 20 degrees Celsius all year round.


Many of its inhabitants are originally from other parts of the country and have brought with them many aspects of their own culture and traditions. As you can imagine, this mix of people from different origins, has shaped Bogota into a very interesting and culturally diverse city.

As most of the capital cities in Latin America, Bogota is a chaotic city that grew faster in population than in infrastructure. Traffic jams, air pollution and even safety have been common issues during the last years.


However, despite all of its challenges, Bogota is an amazing travel destination. Especially for City Lovers.


This city offers some of the best restaurants of the Americas at very low prices. It has also plenty of charming local markets, great museums, gorgeous colonial architecture and exhilarating activities.


– What to do?

The following are my recommended attractions in this city:

– Take a walking tour in the old colonial town of La Candelaria

– Visit the Monserrate hill on a clear day to get the best views over the city.

– Check locals selling and buying fresh produce in the Paloquemado Market.

– Visit the Gold and Botero museums, perhaps the best museums of Colombia.

– Take a Bike tour to discover more than just the touristic places of this city.

– Go for dinner, drinks, party and a great atmosphere in Andres DC restaurant.

– Take a graffiti tour and discover some of the best street art of the country.


– How long should I stay?

To be able to do all these highlights, plan to spend at least 2 full days. If you don’t want to rush too much, or if you would like to get to know this city even better, I would advise you to spend 3 full days.


– Where should I stay?

Being such a big city, it is not always easy to know which is the best neighbourhood to stay. My recommendation is to take a hotel right in the old colonial neighbourhood of La Candelaria.


By staying there, you would be able to walk to almost all the top attractions of the city. This will save you hours being stuck in Bogota’s infamous traffic jams.


There are plenty of hotels in La Candelaria. My recommendations are:

– Middle Upper Class: Hotel Casa Deco or Hotel Casa de la Vega.

– Higher Class: The Orchids Hotel or Hotel de la Opera.



Without a doubt, Medellin is one of the best cities to visit in Colombia. It is the second biggest city in Colombia and the best example of how a city managed to recover from the violent times into a modern and innovative city.


Nicknamed “The Mountains’ Capital”, this city is completely surrounded by impressive mountains. It seats at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and has one of the nicest temperatures of any city in the world: around 25 degrees all year-round. The weather is so pleasant that some people call it the city of the eternal spring.

living in Colombia

Unlike Bogota, Medellin doesn’t have and old colonial neighbourhood and most tourists opt to stay in the modern and fancy neighbourhood of El Poblado.


Even though the main attractions are not located in this neighbourhood, it does offer great hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs.


Additionally, traffic in Medellin is a lot better than in Bogotá, so it isn’t a problem to have to take some sort of transport to visit an attraction.


Moreover, Medellin has the best public transport network of all Colombia so you can easily reach many attractions by metro, bus, tram or cable cars.


One of the main reasons to visit Medellin is to witness one of the most impressive city transformations you could ever imagine.


Walking around the fancy, modern and well-organized avenues of this city, you won’t even believe that Medellin was once the most dangerous city in the world.


Colombia has managed to leave its dark and violent times behind, but the place where you see this more clearly, is Medellin.


If you are a city lover, Medellin shouldn’t be left out of your Colombia Itinerary.

– What to do?

The following are my recommended attractions in this city:

Take a tour to Comuna 13, the neighbourhood who was affected the most by the violent times and that is now an example of innovation and peaceful community.


– Visit the Plaza de las Esculturas, and enjoy this open-air museum filled with statues of the most iconic Colombian artist: Fernando Botero.


– Go dining in one of the many amazing restaurants and bars of the El Poblado Neighbourhood.


– Visit the Botanical Gardens, one of the best of the entire continent.


– Take the cable car to Parque Arvi, enjoy the views over the city and go for a walk in this gorgeous nature reserve.


– Join a tour to visit the surrounding places of Guatape, a colourful charming town, and the Peñol rock, a huge rock that you can ascend to have amazing views over the nearby dam.


– How long should I stay?

At least 2 full days. You could try to spend one day in Guatapé and Peñol and the other one discovering the city. If you want to take it easier, then a third day is essential.


– Where should I stay?

You should stay in the El Poblado Neighbourhood. My recommended hotel is the Sites Hotel.


Any list of the best cities to visit in Colombia must include Cartagena. It has been the most touristic destination of Colombia for decades. It has the most beautiful and impressive colonial architecture of the entire continent.


Cartagena is the 5th most populated city in the country and seats right next to the Caribbean Sea.


Walking around the cute and colourful streets of Cartagena’s old colonial centre, is one of the most amazing attractions in Colombia for city lovers.


Every house seems to be competing with the others on which is the most beautiful, colourful, better maintained and with the most flowering bougainvillea hanging from their balconies.

Best Cities to Visit in Colombia

Most of these houses in the old colonial town are nowadays boutique hotels, fancy bars, museums and gourmet restaurants.


Architecture fanatics will love Cartagena. Not just because of the houses and plazas, but also because of the many churches, castles and war fortifications.


Be aware that Cartagena is usually a very hot city. The average temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius and there is quite a lot of humidity in the air.


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– What to do?

The following are my recommended attractions in this city:

Take a walking tour of the old colonial town and learn about the intriguing history of one of the oldest cities in the Americas.

– Visit the La Popa Monastery for the best views over the city.

– Pay a short visit to the Castillo San Felipe to learn about how locals were defending themselves from the constant pirates’ attacks.

– Take a guided tour to the Bazurto Market, perhaps the most lively and active market in the country.

– Go on a boat tour to one of the surrounding islands and beaches.

– How long should I stay?

Two full days just to discover and enjoy the best of the city. One extra day if you want to go to a nearby island or beach.


– Where should I stay?

Certainly, stay in the old colonial centre. Nowadays there are good hotels in many other parts of the city, but staying in the centre is the best option. My recommended hotels are:

– Middle Upper Class: Hotel 3 Banderas or Hotel Boutique Las Carretas.

– Higher Class: San Pedro Hotel Spa or Casa de la Cartujita


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Best Cities to Visit in Colombia – Conclusion:


Colombia is country with plenty of amazing attractions for all type of travellers. City Lovers will enjoy travelling through Colombia and discovering its most important cities.


There are many great city destinations to include in your Colombia Itinerary, but the 3 best ones are without a doubt: Bogotá, Medellin and Cartagena.


These 3 cities will keep you entertained for a few days and will make you want to come back to discover them even deeper.

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