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Colombia is a country of fascinating contrasts, from idyllic Caribbean beaches, monumental Andean mountains and impenetrable tropical jungle to vibrant cities and mystique architecture. Colombia can, and will, surprise any type of traveler with its extraordinary wildlife, charming people, and diverse sceneries. The country has experienced a great increase in popularity as a tourist destination in the past few years. This doesn´t surprise as the security has improved steadily and crime rates have seriously gone down. Nowadays it is a safe travel destination and it´s considered the new ´it´ place to visit as it serves archeology and history enthusiasts as well as nature and city life fans. We can say without doubt that the only risk will be wanting to stay!


Charming People

One of Colombia´s biggest assets is its charming people. The population is very diverse as the country consists out of more than 80 different ethnic groups. Colombians are known for being the happiest people in the world. This doesn’t come as a surprise since they feel highly grateful for the things they have after the period of violence that plagued Colombia in the past.

Nowadays Colombians are extremely proud of their country and they will receive travelers with a surprising warmth and friendliness. It makes them really happy to show off all the beautiful places you can get to see in Colombia. They don´t always speak English but will do their best to help you find your way.

Extraordinary wildlife

Colombia is home to an enormous variety of plants and animals thanks to the great range in geographic diversity. The Andes mountains, the jungles of the Amazon region and the Pacific Ocean, the tropical forests and the wetlands, they all create particular habitats resulting in a biodiversity that is unique. It is for example perfectly possible to spot humpback whales, pink dolphins, toucans and a tremendously diverse amount of monkeys and frogs. The country is the proud owner of the highest rate of animal species by unit area in the world. Out of all countries, Colombia hosts the most bird species, of which some can only be seen here, making it a dream paradise for birdwatchers.

 It is also home to the largest amount of amphibians. You won´t only be surprised by the astounding variety of birds and amphibians but also by the exceptional presence of mammals, fish, and reptiles. The country has around 460 species of mammals, ranking it number 2 worldwide. Out of these mammals, 36 are endemic to Colombia and cannot be found anywhere else. Reptile enthusiasts won´t be let down either because Colombia accommodates 588 species of reptiles, including turtles, snakes, crocodile and lizards. This makes them the 6th richest country for reptiles. Wildlife lovers don´t hesitate and let yourself be surprised and charmed by one of the richest wildlife´s ever seen.

Cosmopolitan Cities

Colombia boasts some incredible cities that cannot be missed on your trip. Cities like Bogotá, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena and Santa Marta have the fame to amaze you with cosmopolitan atmosphere, beautiful museums, colonial city centers, and vibrant nightlife.

Here you will be able to be introduced to top-notch local and international cuisine. Vendors can be found on every corner of the street selling you exotic fruits, delicious deserts, typical sweets and the much appreciated tinto, black coffee. Colombian cities reflect a fascinating example of how contrasts can result in a beautiful chaos.


Diverse Sceneries

One thing that makes Colombia truly unique is the astonishing variety of natural wonders that it holds. Here you can experience the beauty of humid plains, lush green mountains, snow-covered peaks, prehistoric desert, enigmatic jungle, magical forests, pristine beaches and turquoise waters all in one country. This stunning diversity in scenery is a product of 3 mountain ranges, the pacific coast, the Caribbean coast, the Amazon rainforest and some deserts.

Where else in the world would you be able to find a rainbow colored river and sunbathe at an idyllic white-sand beach while having a view on a snow-capped mountain? The diverse scenery of Colombia is genuinely impressive and is a source of pride to the country and its inhabitants.

Architecture & History

Colombia is not only diverse in scenery, people and wildlife but also in architecture and history. Indigenous, African, European and Indian influences can be detected in the country´s patrimony. The numerous colonial cities, huge squares, catholic churches and cathedrals are evidence of a rich colonial history that will always be linked to the Spaniards. The best example is by far Cartagena where you can stroll through the cobbled stoned streets of the old town while gazing at the many colonial buildings displaying gorgeous balconies covered in colorful flowers. Less known but equally marvelous are the colonial towns of Villa de Leyva, Popayan and Barichara where time seems to stand still. However, Colombia didn´t need the Spaniards to introduce exquisite architecture.

Thanks to its rich history and many indigenous tribes the country boasts some fascinating and unique architecture. In the south you can pay a visit to the mysterious San Agustin area where you can discover ceremonial tombs surrounded by statues of the pre-Columbian San Agustin culture. Up till now nobody really knows how to interpret these amorphous statues. The most spectacular indigenous architecture can be found in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Visiting these ruins of a ceremonial center is a highlight for many travelers. The Tayrona people built this place more than 1000 years ago in the middle of the jungle. Come, explore and get to know the wide range of architecture and history that this great country has to offer.

A Safe Travel Destination

It´s no secret that Colombia´s safety situation was a big concern for travelers during the last years. But is it now safe to travel in Colombia? The short answer is YES; it is safe. Colombia is finally safe for travelers and the word is spreading out. In 2014 Colombia received 4.2 million visitors, which represents an increase of 11.9 % in comparison to 2013.

This is quite remarkable if you keep in mind that the average world-wide tourism only increased by 4.6% during the same period. The country´s image has tremendously improved in the last years because those who actually dared to visit it, ended up falling in love with it and told others: Colombia, a safe destination where the only risk is wanting to stay.


Bahia Solano


Adventure Nature Relax

Unbelievable and wonderful sceneries with the sounds of the jungle as backdrop await you. Bahia Solano is the place to enjoy a spectacle of whales rising for the surface.


Cerros de Mavecure


Adventure Nature

Get struck by the sublime beauty of the remote but gorgeous easternmost part of Colombia and visit a place called ´Cerros de Mavecure´ and its hills.




Adventure Culture Nature

The stunning ´white city´ of the South absolutely deserves a visit if you like gorgeous white colonial architecture and a dash of religious traditions.



Green Colombia

Duration: 17 days

Price: € 2.431 per person

Discover the best of Colombia´s nature in this 17-days itinerary and visit places as Tierradentro, San Agustín, The Coffee Zone, The Tatacoa Desert and a lot more.

The Highlights

Duration: 17 days

Price: € 2.496 per person

Discover the best of Colombia in this 17-days itinerary. Visit landmark places such as Bogotá, Cartagena, The Coffe Zone, San Agustín and a lot more.

Off The Beaten Track

Duration: 26 days

Price: € 3.299 per person

Combine visiting popular destinations with remote places and enjoy the full Colombia experience. Mountains, jungle, beaches and Deserts in one itinerary.


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