Lulo is a trusted travel agency located in Colombia aiming to provide tourists with the best personalized itineraries to get the most out of this magical country. By travelling with us you are ensured of the following promises:

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Local Experts

Lulo Colombia is a specialized travel agency located in the heart of Colombia: Bogotá. Our passion is Colombia and therefore we only focus on it. Our local experts are passionate professionals who know every corner of the country as the back of their hands.


This allows us to provide a service that is on point and top notch. Our main goal is and will always be, to make you fall in love with this magical place. Being a local agency grants us with the understanding of the complexity and uniqueness of the country and its character.


It also permits us to have first-hand and direct contact with local providers to be able to guarantee tours that perfectly match your expectations.


Responsible tourism

In Lulo Colombia we champion fair and sustainable tourism. We work closely with local initiatives that were founded to improve the quality of life of Colombians in need.


Furthermore, by working closely with locals we contribute to the country´s economy, which allows Colombians to take advantage of a growing tourism industry.


By travelling with us, you are contributing to a better future for Colombia.


We donate part of our income to Fundación Formemos, an NGO that gives free and good-quality education to kids that have been displaced from their remote villages due the Colombian internal conflict.


Personalized Trips

Traveling with Lulo Colombia offers you unlimited possibilities as we let you build your own trip in an interactive way. We then assist you to thoroughly design your tailor-made trip.


We don’t leave any detail unplanned from beginning to end, and make sure your personalized tour exceeds your needs and expectations.


Secure Payment

We totally understand that one of the main concerns of our customers is a secure payment. Paying your trip with Lulo Colombia is a smooth and safe process.


There are no nasty surprises awaiting you later. We provide a trusted platform by offering secure credit card payments.

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Travelling Tools

We provide you with a mobile phone with a local SIM card and enough credit to be able to call, text and use internet during your trip. Additionally, we give you access to our travel App where you can easily:


– Have access to every detail of your itinerary (even when you are offline).

– Use a GPS to guide you to a specific place.

– Get updates on flight changes.

– Get updates on any potential change in your itinerary.

– Contact us 24/7 via chat, email or calling.


With these tools, we are confident you will be able to travel at ease and have a flawless trip.


On-site 24/7 support

As Lulo Colombia is a travel agency located in Colombia, we guarantee to be available for you at all time.


We are not only there to help you during the planning process of your trip, but also during your travel.


The Lulo Colombia team will be constantly at your service for questions and remarks.


We are just a phone call, chat or email away to help you have the time of your life in Colombia.


Lulo Colombia is a trusted travel agency created to offer unique, custom-made and independent trips to Colombia. We are here to facilitate your travel to this magical country at our best. “Independent travel without having to organize everything yourself” is our motto.

We are Daniel Restrepo and Charlotte Versmissen and we are a Colombo-Belgian couple with a deep passion for traveling. Together, we have visited more than 50 countries around the world before deciding to settle down in Daniel´s home country.


After countless assistances in organizing trips for friends and family coming to Colombia, we decided to turn our hobby into a career and professionalize ourselves as a travel agency that offers flexible and personalized tours in Colombia.


There are many reasons why Lulo Colombia Travel is the best choice for you to travel to Colombia! First of all, we can promise that with us you travel in your style, your pace and following your interests because together we will work out your ideal personalized itinerary to follow on your trip in this magical country.


We are local travel experts who know the country inside out and will definitely find the places, activities, and hotels of your interest in order to have the best possible vacation ever.


Lulo Colombia does not only focus on the typical, but gorgeous, tourist attractions in the country, but also tries to offer unique and off the beaten track destinations.


Like this you have the chance to get to know the most authentic and real Colombia there is. Even more, we try to work together as much as possible with local providers so when you travel with us you also help local communities and you travel in a responsible way.


We commit to provide all our travelers with a cellphone and local SIM so you are always up to date with the itinerary and potential changes. This also allows you to have 24/7 contact with us if needed.


The Lulo is a typical fruit that is native to the Andean mountains of Colombia. Let yourself be surprised by the taste and looks of it. It resembles a hairy orange from the outside and a green tomato on the inside.


It has a bit of a sour taste but add some sugar and it becomes a delicacy. This is how we envision Colombia: a bit rough at first sight but unique and surprising after trying it out.

Additionally, the word lulo has such a good connotation in Colombia, that people often use it to refer to someone who is healthy and in very good shape.


Discover your ideal itinerary for free!


At Lulo Colombia Travel, we create amazing travel itineraries that are tailor-made to your travel style and preferences.


Let us help you come up with an ideal route for your trip in Colombia. By answering the following short questions we will provide you on the spot with a free and personalized itinerary that will serve as a starting point for an unforgettable journey!

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