“You choose where to go, we take care of the rest”

Booking with us is extremely simple, just follow these steps:

1. Select your desired destinations

Your experience in Colombia starts by browsing through our 22 modules. These modules are short travel plans for a wide variety of destinations in this magical country. Each module gives you information on the destination, the accommodation types and possible tours to take. You can add as many modules to your trip as you want. You choose where to go, we take care of the rest.

2. Choose your preferred accommodation type

If you want to add a module to your trip, you will need to choose your preferred accommodation type in that destination. We usually offer two types of accommodation per module: a standard accommodation type and a premium one. Before you choose, you can compare their prices and what they include.

3. Pick the tours you wish to take

The following step is to pick the tours you wish to take in the desired destination. You can find out more about the offered tours by clicking on them. This will give you additional information and photo material. The tours are optional, you can always decide to only book the accommodation and discover the destination on your own.

4. Request a quote

After selecting the desired modules, your accommodation type and the tours you wish to take, you will be able to check your cart, confirm your data and request a quote. Now it is our turn to start working. After receiving your request we will built a logical route and include all the needed transport within Colombia.

5. Receive a detailed proposal from us

After a maximum of 48 hours (usually a lot earlier), we will email you the link of your personal proposal on our website. This proposal will include a detailed itinerary including your accommodation, tours, and transport from one place to another. The total price will be given and this price will include all costs.

6. Pay for your customized trip in a secure way

Once you have decided to give it a go, you can book directly from your personal account on our website. You can pay online for your customized trip in a secure way via PayPal. You can immediately pay the full sum or you can choose to pay 40% of the total amount at that moment and the remaining 60% up to 30 calendar days before the beginning of your trip.

7. Receive our travel kit

A couple of days after your payment has been approved, you will receive our travel kit. This includes detailed information on each destination you are going to visit with specific tips and hints. Additionally, it includes all e-tickets for your domestic transport and all vouchers to hand over to each hotel and tour operator we work with. This will let them know that you are travelling with Lulo Colombia and therefore give you the outstanding service we promise.



South West

Culture Nature

Only little is known about the archeology of the tombs found in the stunning mountainous landscapes of Tierradentro. Mysterious and off-the-beaten track.


San Agustin

South West

Adventure Culture Nature

This picturesque village in the South is surrounded by spectacular mountainous landscapes. Visit the inexplicable and mysterious statues found all over the area.


Barichara and San Gil


Adventure Culture Nature Relax

From discovering the gorgeous colonial city center of Barichara to paragliding and rafting in San Gil. Explore the infinite possibilities that this region has to offer.



Green Colombia

Duration: 17 days

Price: € 2.431 per person

Discover the best of Colombia´s nature in this 17-days itinerary and visit places as Tierradentro, San Agustín, The Coffee Zone, The Tatacoa Desert and a lot more.

The Highlights

Duration: 17 days

Price: € 2.496 per person

Discover the best of Colombia in this 17-days itinerary. Visit landmark places such as Bogotá, Cartagena, The Coffe Zone, San Agustín and a lot more.

Off The Beaten Track

Duration: 26 days

Price: € 3.299 per person

Combine visiting popular destinations with remote places and enjoy the full Colombia experience. Mountains, jungle, beaches and Deserts in one itinerary.



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